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Established in 1853, Fox’s Biscuits is a renowned brand with tremendous heritage. The division employs more than 3,000 people and produces the range of Fox’s Biscuits from its three sites. 

Fox’s branded biscuits are manufactured and distributed to all major retailers, as well as retailer own label biscuits. Fox’s provides biscuits across a range of price points to ensure broad consumer appeal. 

Established in Batley, West Yorkshire, the business now operates from three manufacturing sites: Batley, Kirkham and Uttoxeter. Fox’s has gone from strength to strength in recent years to become a profitable growth business.

The company has an instantly recognisable brand and brand mascot, Vinnie the panda. From premium chocolate coated indulgence to value biscuits, the division produces a comprehensive range.  As well as Fox’s, the company owns the Rocky brand.

Fox’s Biscuits, Batley

Wellington Street, Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 5JE

Fox’s Biscuits dates back to 1853 when Michael Spedding produced brandy snaps in a Victorian bake house in Batley.

Batley has eight ovens and up to 26 lines operating with a highly engaged skill base, combining traditional biscuit making knowledge and equipment with investment in the latest automated technology.

The site uses 9,300 tonnes of flour and 6,000 tonnes of chocolate to produce 25,000 tonnes of biscuits every year. 

  • Caffe,
  • Indulgent cookies,
  • Chocolate rings,
  • Sundaes,
  • Jam & creams,
  • Brandy snaps ,
  • All butter Viennese,
  • A variety of assortment tins, cartons and seasonal ranges.

Fox’s Biscuits, Uttoxeter

Cheadle Road, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14 7BT

In the early 1900s Samuel Elkes opened a confectionary shop in Uttoxeter and in 1928 a purpose built biscuit factory was opened on the current site. In 1986 the company was bought by Northern Foods and was run as Elkes Biscuits, later becoming Fox’s Biscuits.

In 2011 the Fox’s brand joined the 2 Sisters Food Group. Average weekly production at Uttoxeter is 1,000 tonnes and 50,000 tonnes per annum.

Fox’s Biscuits in Uttoxeter is known for the biscuit barrel and is the home of Fox’s malted milk biscuits.

  • Ginger biscuits
  • Farley’s rusks
  • Custard creams
  • Chocolate digestive bars
  • Oaties
  • Digestives


Fox’s Biscuits, Kirkham

Whitworth Street, Wesham, Kirkham, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 3AX

Kirkham was originally a Lancashire cotton mill in the late 1800s and early 1900s but was converted to biscuit making in 1954 by Parkinson’s of Preston.

Fox’s Biscuits bought Parkinson’s Biscuits in 1966. During the 1990s major construction work took place to change the site into a purpose built unit with three new, large ovens. 

Kirkham is the home of the Rocky biscuit range, producing 1,700 chocolate biscuit bars per minute; equating to over 10 million per week. Kirkham also produces 10 million party rings each week. Stacked on top of each other they would reach 50 miles high! The largest oven in Fox’s produces over 5 million Munch biscuits in just 24 hours. 

  • Ambers
  • Munch
  • Crinkle crunch
  • Chunky cookies
  • M&S Cookies
  • Rocky (chocolate, caramel and classic bars)
  • Finger creams
  • Rich tea
  • Nice
  • Malted milk
  • Bourbon
  • Party ice rings
  • Mini party ice rings
  • Choccy rings
  • Triple bars
  • Mini moos/moo creams
  • Crunch creams