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Youngsters get a taste for the food industry

Eight local unemployed young people were recently given a chance ‘have a go’ at working in food production while brushing up their employment skills at 2 Sisters’ Thetford poultry site.
Placements were welcomed throughout the factory with most departments taking a youngster under their wing.

The placements were part of a month-long national event, Feeding Britain’s Future (FBF). FBF’s ‘Skills for Work’ month, in September, encourages young people to consider careers in food by bringing them into our factories and offering practical experience.

Thetford placements Synam Vuong (right) and Jack StimsonOne of the placements, Synam Vuong, 24, from Thetford, who has been looking for work for six months, said: “I found out about this through the local job centre and I’ve really enjoyed the time here working in dispatch. It gave me a much better understanding of the kind of jobs that are here at the factory.”

Bryony Leonard, HR advisor at Thetford who helped coordinate the placements, said: “It’s been great bringing this group of potential future food workers onto site.  I think it’s a great thing for 2 Sisters to support and it definitely works. Synam has already applied for a job in dispatch with us, so we must have given a good impression during the placement!”

The eight youngsters on Thetford placements were just some of the scores of people who were helped by 2 Sisters colleagues during FBF at events organised at sites across the country.

Feeding Britain's future took place in September