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Jordan King visits Fox's

Formula Three race supremo Jordan King has paid a flying visit to one of his sponsors to witness for himself the delicious Fox’s Biscuits whizzing off the production line.

The British F3 champion – currently racing for the European title and holding the current European ‘top rookie’ honour – took time out from the European tour to visit the biscuit-maker’s factory in Kirkham, Lancashire.
As well as Fox's, Jordan's car and kit are also bedecked with fellow 2 Sisters’ brand, Goodfella’s Pizza.
The team at Fox’s factory challenged Jordan to a Sega Rally Race to see if he was as good in a pixilated version as he is with the real thing. Jordan took on Fox’s colleague, Zain Chap, who held one of the top times in practice. However, Jordan’s experience appeared to transfer to the digital game and he soon topped the leader board; proving he is an expert at racing, just as Zain and the Fox’s team are experts at biscuit making!
Jordan said: “I’m really grateful for the sponsorship I get and I was keen to come and meet the people who – in my unbiased opinion – make the best biscuits on the planet!
“It was great to meet the team and watch the biscuit-making process – I had no idea how complicated it was."
Colin Smith, managing director of Fox’s Biscuits, added: “It was a pleasure to host Jordan for the visit. We have just undertaken a major relaunch of the Fox’s brand and the new Fox’s logo is now proudly on Jordan’s car and kit. We know his team love our biscuits – we certainly hope they can play a small part in getting him on the European podium this season.”