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About us

Fast facts

  • 2 Sisters Food Group came into existence on Tuesday 15th June 1993

  • We produce around a third of all poultry products eaten every day in the UK

  • Six million chickens are processed every week

  • We are one of the biggest customers for British farmers

  • We own more than 700 farms around the UK

  • We're rather keen on hot cross buns. We make 30 million every year!

  • We own one of the biggest sandwich-making machines in Europe

  • We own the oldest Christmas pudding maker in the world

  • We carry out almost 1 million laboratory tests a year to ensure our food is safe to eat

  • Laid our end to end, the sandwiches made in just one week from our factory in Nottinghamshire would stretch from the factory to London!

  • Fox’s Biscuits have made approximately 1,450 BILLION biscuits since it started out